Membership Benefits

As a member you have, above all, the possibility to directly participate in political discussions and thus influence the outcome of individual issues at an early stage. However, there are many more advantages:

Members have their own online presence on the association’s website – which boasts an annual click rate of 100,000 – as well as a direct link to their own website.

They also receive information on projects abroad – forwarded by the association to which such information is sent on a regular basis (such as the invitations to Swiss gallerists to be honorary guests at Arco 2001 Madrid, KIAF 2008 and ART Paris 2018).

In terms of insurance, there is a General Agreement between Art Gallery Switzerland and Helvetia Insurance, creating advantageous conditions for members of AGS. This agreement was immediately modified when a new attractive player entered the market in January 2018.

Also, there are regular free trainings offered exclusively to our members and delivered by leading experts on such topical issues as money laundering, custom free zones, resale right or value added tax (as offered in 2016, 2017 and 2018).

If you need legal advice, our inhouse lawyer will provide preliminary consultation free of charge.

Our free job portal is another feature that is very popular with our members.

Last but not least, galleries that are members of Swiss Art Galleries and identified as such by our shared logo enjoy exceptional public acceptance and respect.

Membership application

Are you a competent gallery professional in Switzerland and would like to join our association? Do not hesitate to contact us. For further information and the application form, please refer to the links below.

Board of Directors

Fabian Walter, Président (Galerie Fabian und Claude Walter, Zürich)
Diego Stampa (Galerie Stampa, Basle)
Roger Zoller (Galerie & Edition Stephan Witschi, Zurich)

Serge Ziegler (Galerie Ziegler SA, Zurich), Auditor
Sylva Denzler, Secretariat