Foundation of Swiss Art Market Association

On 12 January 2015 four associations of Switzerland’s art market (The Swiss Association of Dealers in Art and Antiques, The Swiss Art Trade Association, The Art Galleries Switzerland Association and The Association of Swiss Auctioneers of Art and Cultural Heritage) founded their umbrella association, the Swiss Art Market Association. Sylvia Furrer Hoffmann, who is a laywer and an EMBA from Bremgarten near Bern, has been appointed its managing director.
The umbrella organisation is dedicated to representing the interests of professional art market participants in Switzerland and fostering a lively, diversified and internationally competitive Swiss art and antiques market. This and the market participants’ commitment will not only benefit the association's members but also artists, art collectors, art fairs, public and private museums, and, last but not least, the community; in the form of municipalities, cantons and the state thanks to the cultural support by private industry and business that do not rely on tax money and which is related to our association. All in all, it is Switzerland as a cultural centre that will benefit.
The Swiss art market is also highly important from an economic point of view: In terms of turnover Switzerland ranks fifth, after the USA, China, the UK and France. Switzerland’s share of global art exports amounts to 7%. France's share, in comparison, was only 8% and Germany's 5% according to the TEFAF Art Market Report 2014. The market participants that have joined the associations – almost exclusively small and middle-sized enterprises – enjoy an excellent reputation as well as trustworthiness on an international level. In the face of growing competition especially from the Asian region, this importance can only be maintained if conditions remain attractive or are improved. We have to bear in mind that Switzerland adheres to one of the strictest regulatories in terms of protection of cultural property (especially strict diligence requirements for art dealers and auctioneers) as well as a newly created strict regulatory regarding money laundering (especially in terms of accepting cash).