Recommendations for Artists

Our association secretariat and the member galleries receive many eMails, letters and documentation from all over the world. Artists of everywhere inquire whether there is a possibility to show their works and which gallery would be appropriate for it.

In order to give artists a criterion how they should advance, we recommend following action:


  1. Send neither documentation, letters and e-mails at us or the member galleries. Documentations usually are stored in the gallery or on the secretariat for a certain time and afterwards disposed because of the high postages for the back delivery.
  2. We recommend to construct a relation network at the work and the dwelling so that gallery-owners, exposition maker, museum people and commissions of art credit or other institutions become attentive. That environment suited best to start a career.
  3. If one possess already connections to a gallery, should expand this distribution channel. That means that the gallery-owner networks its gallery with a second or third gallery in the inland or foreign countries. The artist becomes better known nationally and internationally.
  4. The media are an extremely important factor in a relation network. They become active however mostly only if a exposition takes place.
  5. Galleries are led professional business, which with the rent of accomodations, that positions of personnel and the organization of the expositon business go in a considerable, commercial and financial risk. The collaboration with artists results therefore on a professional plain. That excludes the collaboration with „hobby-artists“. A commercial openness is demanded of the professional active artists regarding the administration of its businesses. A collaboration between gallery and artist can have success only on this plain.
  6. Galleries collaborate usually with 10 to 20 artists. They select new artists carefully and this happens usually on recommendation. The artist must fit into the gallery program as well as of its work as of his/hers personality. An exact requirement analysis is important for both sides.
  7. Galleries introduce its artists in periodical distances in a single exposition. Often the artists are shown also in group expsitions or at fairs.
  8. Between artist and gallery usually a contract is signed. Often the agreements are oral, more and more written contracts come to the use. The Swiss Art Galleries Assocciation has prepared such a pattern contract including commentary. See pattern contract between gallery and artist (available only in German and French).
    Recommended ist the publication „art right“ (Bruno Glaus/Peter Studer), Werd Verlag, Zurich (
  9. Foreign artists imagine often that in Swtzerland a gallery can be found with relatively simple inquiries. That is not the case. To come into business with a renowned gallery the artist usually must possess already a considerable market value. Little, finance weak galleries prefer a national or at least a well known background. Inquiries by means of documentation, eMail or letter make no sense in this case.