AGS Art Galleries Switzerland Association

The association was established 1995. The goal is a better representation of the interests of the gallery-owners in the public, with authorities and internationally. Today belong 35 members to the association, which are counted to the leading gallery-owners of Switzerland. The request profile for a membership is severe.


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The Board of Directors


Fabian Walter, Präsident (Fabian & Claude Walter, Zürich)
Sylva Denzler (Galerie Sylva Denzler, Zürich)

Anton Meier, (Galerie Anton Meier, Genf)
Diego Stampa, (Galerie Stampa, Basel)
Roger Zoller, (Galerie & Edition Stephan Witschi, Zürich)


Revisor: Serge Ziegler (Galerie Ziegler SA, Zürich)

Sekretariat: Katia Masson-Gallucci (Galerie Bernhard Bischoff & Partner, Bern)




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